Announcements for Thursday, May 17, 2012



Students: Be sure to say goodbye this week to our foreign exchange guest this year from Austria, Mr. Vincent Gudenus!  Vincent will return home later this summer.  Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to get to know him and to learn what a fine young man he is, and a great ambassador for the country of Austria.  We’re grateful that he was willing to come to East, and congratulate him for fitting in so well with our Lancer family.  We wish him a safe journey back home.  Auf wiedersehen, Vincent! ~ Mr. Wilder


Young Democrat: We will have our weekly meeting today at 2:00 in 0206 to discuss membership drives and political activities for the summer. ~ Mr. McEvilly


Students:  Tomorrow and Monday, during finals, if you do not have a final exam scheduled at noon, you must leave campus.  You will not be allowed to hang out on campus to socialize with your friends.  Some buses will be available at noon.  Otherwise, make alternate arrangements for transportation  ~ The Administration


Students:  Tomorrow and Monday during finals, the cafeteria will be open in the morning for breakfast and after that, the snack bar and one lunch line will be open until noon.  At noon all food services will cease.  On Tuesday of next week, there will be no cafeteria services. ~ The Administration


Students: Study halls and PE classes will not meet over final exams on May 18th, 21st and 22nd.  Students with Learning Strategies (LS) classes need to follow the directions provided by their teacher.  In general, students with hour-long LS classes will report the entire hour during final exams.  Students with ½ hour LS classes will report for half of the class period during exams.  Your teacher will make you aware of the specific expectations for their LS class.  During the time you are released from LS and on-campus, you are expected to be in the cafeteria or terrace areas only. ~ The Administration


2012-2013 Football Cheerleaders: We will meet today at 3:30 in the gym annex for an hour.  Please stop by S107 if you have a conflict.  ~ Coach Hemmer


Students: Just a reminder the Senior Honors Ceremony is tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the PAC.  ~ Ms. Becherer


STRIDE: Our end of the year party will be this Friday at Pizza Hut across the street, after the third hour final. Stop by my room to sign up. ~ Mr. Boyt


Students: All students need to pick any medications they have in the nurse’s office. It must be picked up as soon as possible. ~ The Nurses



East Daily Bulletin

STUDENTS:  All Junior students will take the ACT test tomorrow, Tuesday, March 3.  F

Feb 26

ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2015     LIBRARY: The library will be closed from 8:00 - 3:25 PM, on Tuesday, March 3, and W

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